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Clyde Pumps
Clyde pumps provides a wide range of superior quality products to customers around the globe.The strength of our product ranges lies in the superiority of designs, materials and components that make up our offering. From simple end suction pumps used for clean water duties to main reactor feed pumps for nuclear plants, our customers make severe demands on the equipment used. Our robust designs have a deserved reputation for efficiency, reliability and durability. This durability extends mean time between maintenance, increasing pump availability.

Union Pumps
Union Pump offers an extensive range of pumping equipment and related services for application in refining, utility, petrochemical, oil and gas production, pipeline, nuclear, fossil fuel power generation, boiler feedwater, reverse osmosis and other process industries.Our product portfolio includes high pressure multistage centrifugal pumps, single and two stage process pumps, vertical single and multi-stage pumps, and reciprocating power and steam driven positive displacement pumps.

Union Pump is committed to reducing lifecycle costs through product development and continuous improvement manufacturing initiatives. We have been recognised since 1885 for the development and production of engineered pumps.

Harland Pumps
We service all brands of pumps as well as a many styles of vacuum pumps. In particular, agents for the following brands: Harland-Indeng, Grundfos, Onga, Ebara, Regent, Calpeda and Mono.We also specialise in the supply and servicing of Liquid ring vacuum pumps & compressors including the following brands: SIHI, Speck and Pompe Travaini.

David Brown Pumps / Radicon Roloid Pumps
The David Brown Roloid Gear Pump is robust, compact and versatile. It is easy to install, extremely reliable, and requires little maintenance in service.The pump design and product range have matured over many years and in combination with David Brown / Radicon Roloid Pumps manufacturing excellence, represents an economic and reliable solution to lubrication and fluid transportation problems.

Allen Gwwynnes Pumps 
With over 150 years of engineering excellence and experience Allen Gwynnes Pumps today offers a complete range of equipment to provide the very best pump and system solutions.

With over 150 years of engineering excellence and experience Allen Gwynnes Pumps today offers a complete range of equipment to provide the very best pump and system solutions Our philosophy is to focus on solving your problems and by working together to achieve your key objectives. Our experience and knowledge will improve your asset utilization, reduce life cycle costs and maximize your return on investment.

Varley Pumps
The Varley double helical gear pumps are available in a range of sizes with flow rates between 1.5m³/hr and 35m³/hr. Pressures range from 5 bar to 35 bar and can be supplied for standard and special applications.Varley Gear Pumps, part of the Hayward Tyler Group, manufacture a range of outstanding double helical gear pumps in accordance with the requirements of API 676 utilising API 682 shaft sealing systems when required.

Varley Pumps, part of the Hayward Tyler Group of companies, currently provide oil pump solutions for engines with piston sizes from 165-305mm.

Hayward Tyler
Hayward Tyler offer a comprehensive range of Fluid Filled Electric Motors and Pumps that are designed to meet the most demanding of applications and environments for energy markets.Exceptional build quality is what makes Hayward Tyler products the first choice for so many operators today. Our attention to detail and precision engineering is demonstrated at hundreds of locations around the world, with many of our installations running non-stop for over 20 years.

To find out more about our products please make a selection from the menu on the right. If you would like to discuss a particular application, please complete the contact form and you will be contacted by a product specialist.